Cavern of Remembrance RTA (Level 1) Notes
Cavern of Remembrance RTA (Level 1) Notes
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  • 9 Drive Gauges (Must beat Marluxia's Absent Silhouette, Final Xemnas, Lingering Will/Terra & Sephiroth, the other two are just from Any%/mandatory worlds)
  • No Experience MUST be equipped at all times


  • 116 Ethers (99 in Stock, 7 on Sora, 4 on Donald, 6 on Goofy)
  • 4 High Drive Recoveries (Can be 3 if you have 2 [Normal] Drive Recoveries).


  • Rumbling Rose [Normal Form], Bond of Flame [Final Form] [Keyblades]
  • 4 Shock Charm+ [Armor] (Thunder Boost) (You get these from beating Larxene's Absent Silhouette as she gives you a recipe on how to synth Shock Charms and Shock Charm+)
  • 4 Draw Rings [Accessories] (You get one during the playthrough, you have to synth 3 others)
  • Ethers [Items]


  • Nobody Lance [Staff]
  • 2 Ribbons [Armor]
  • Ethers [Items]
  • Rings are optional, equip those with really high AP such as Cosmic Arts (or Executive's Ring if you have it!) if you're low on AP for the needed abilities (listed below)


  • Ultimate Mushroom [Shield] (you get this from completing an even number Mushroom with an A (10% chance) or S-Rank (100%) - No. 4 is excluded likely because of its easier difficulty compared to other mushrooms)
  • 3 Ribbons [Armor]
  • Ethers [Items]
  • Again, just like with Donald, rings are optional as you set your party members to Sora Attack (5th option in customizing attack formations) but you should make sure they have enough AP to equip all the necessary abilities.

Abilities: Sora:

  • Guard, Horizontal Slash, Finishing Leap, Slapshot, Flash Step, Slide Dash, Round Break (or Vicinity Break), Guard Break, Explosion, Aerial Dive, Aerial Spiral, Magnet Splash (or Magnet Burst), Counterguard, all Yellow Growth Abilities (Make sure they're all Level 3 - so High Jump Level 3, Quick Run Level 3, Dodge Roll Level 3, Aerial Dodge Level 3 & Glide Level 3), Scan, Aerial Recovery, Combo Master, Reaction Boost, Finishing Plus, Form Boost x2, Draw x2, MP Rage, MP Haste, MP Hastera & No Experience


  • Donald Cure, Fantasia (Comet/Comet Rain) & Jackpot


  • Jackpot, Lucky Lucky, Item Boost, MP Rage, Defender, Damage Control, Second Chance & Once More

Speedrun: Go into Final Form and use a High Drive Recovery (or 2 Drive Recoveries) before dropping into the Cavern of Remembrance.

Revert while in mid-air and do an aerial dodge immediately followed by a glide through the door.

1st wave: Magnega, Thundaga, Thundaga, Magnega, Thundaga, Ether, Thundaga 2nd wave: Magnega, Thundaga, Thundaga, Ether, Thundaga 3rd-last waves: Magnega, Thundaga, Reflega the cars and go into comet while equipping ethers for MP, spam comet and multiple Magnegas and Thundagas and Ether when close to 0 MP. Comet Rain when possible.

MOVEMENT: Angle yourself against the door in front of you, high jump then revert from Final Form, jump, Reflega, Master Form, Aerial Dodge, Reflega, Revert, you have to use a High Drive Recovery the 2nd time you want to go Master Form, Reflega, open menu for High Drive Recovery, Master Form, Aerial Dodge, Reflega, Revert, Aerial Dodge, Reflega, Master Form, Aerial Dodge, Lock on to the Drive Orb Sphere, use a High Drive Recovery, jump to the other side, revert and glide close to the barrier from the door.

When enemies spawn, go into Final Form.

1st wave: Reflega, Magnega, Firaga if any enemies alive (Lance Warriors are immune to Thundaga) Ether 2nd wave: Reflega, Magnega, Ether 3rd wave: Reflega, Magnega, Ether 4th wave: Reflega, Magnega, normal attack or Firaga if any Heartless left afterwards.

MOVEMENT: Go a bit right, high jump and revert, angle yourself against the brown pipe, Reflega, Master Form, Aerial Dodge, Reflega, Revert, Aerial Dodge, Reflega, open menu for High Drive Recovery, Master Form, Aerial Dodge, Reflega, Revert, Aerial Dodge, Reflega, Master Form

Revert immediately when possible and glide until the barrier appears

Dodge Roll or Quick Run back in the center (close to between the two pillars), Magnega, Thundaga, Thundaga Dusks, wait Magnega, Thundaga, Thundaga Assassins, repeat, Magnega, Thundaga, Thundaga last assassin, Ether when close to 0 MP.

Immediately Ether before the barrier opens.

Glide to the end of the barrier then Magnega just before it to catch the Snipers, Quick Run back, stand close to the left statue.

Magnega, wait half a second, Thundaga, Thundaga, Ether, Magnega, Thundaga, Thundaga, Ether, now dodge roll to the right statue, repeatedly Magnega & 2 Thundagas and Ether when almost out of MP.

Ether, then glide.

This is the hardest wave in the run. Sorcerers are immune to any magic excluding Magnega & Reflega, so only attacking normally, Comet and those two Magic abilities will work.

When dropping, do a dodge roll up + left, Magnega, Thundaga, Thundaga dropping Dragoons, repeat, Magnega, Thundaga, Thundaga Creppers & Dancer (Thundaga again if Dancer was left alive), Thundaga 3 times the next appearing Dancer.

When the Sorcerer appears, Reflega into Finishing Leap, 3 aerial hits, wait a quarter second, Reflega into Aerial Dive.

Magnega, Thundaga, Thundaga, Ether (unless Party Members use one on you) Magnega, Thundaga, wait then Thundaga, then Final Form once Dragoon is dead. (Note: Donald can die during this fight, make sure to customize Curaga and quickly heal him as you can only go Final Form with both of your party members alive).

Reflega into Magnega for Sorcerer, other Nobodies will also get pulled in, keep doing (Reflega might miss) until close to no MP, Ether, normally attack/kill any remaining nobodies, kill last Dragoon that spawns as fast as possible with Thundagas.

Reflega + Magnega 2 Sorcerers, repeat. Magnega next wave, go into a corner then revert from Final Form.

Stay in the corner, Magnega, Thundaga, Thundaga, Comet, 2 Ethers, Magnega, Thundaga, Thundaga repeatedly while spamming comet, use an ether when almost out of MP, Reflega Sorcerers into Aerial Dive, Reflega Sorcerers again, Final Form to finish them off (you may have to do extra attacks if they didn't die)

Get to the computer, Reaction Command, done.

Note: These notes are for and work on all versions of Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix.