anyone agree or disagree with this?
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anyone agree or disagree with this?

You still have control over Kirby when you do the final hit on Dedede, You can still lose time and the credits don't activate. If we take a look at other Kirby games, Doing the final attack on the final boss is always the last thing, no control over kirby, just straight go into the credits. Every Kirby game has time end on last input or hit before going into the credits. Time on final hit doesn't work in this game. Look at Dedede's Drum Dash Deluxe for an example of this. Figuring out and reacting to hitting Dedede is harder than knowing that you press A.

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Also there's only 2 other runs you'd have to retime and you only have to add 17 / 19 seconds to your last split it's not a big deal (17/19 depends on if you Kirby had to walk or not once you lose control over him). If you're unwilling to change a timing because you can't be bothered to spend 1 second typing out a different number then IDK what to say.

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Yuo said in your post that people will have to change timings and their splits, your idea means more people would have to do that.

Straight up the timing doesn't make any sense currently and the only person who decided the timing is you so you had even more of an echo chamber. My timing method is more consistent with Dedede's Drum Dash Deluxe which works very similar to this game. Ending time before the level can even be considered over makes no sense at all. I even discussed it with you before resulting in you ignoring me (Either that or you didn't see my tweets in which case my previous statement is misunderstanding). Also I highly doubt anyone else will run this game as spin off Kirby games never get any runners so we'd have to wait a year for a new runner before making a change and that makes no sense

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I agree with changing it to what Demolition proposed. I've retimed the other runs to:

MHFsilver - 31:49.91

golderzoa - 29:04.40 and 29:39.21

If we're all on board with this I'm going to edit the rules and the runs.

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