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hot new update: check out the how to play 1438 video series here

i've been working on routing the 1438 category and wanted to share the resources i've created to make it easier for people to get into this category if they're interested. this is still a work in progress so let me know if you find any errors or possible improvements.

item spreadsheet: made using martini and grass's spreadsheet as a base. added locations for all items as well as best possible times to grab them with the current route. there is also a second sheet that lists items by what level we get them in with the current route. some of this information might be outdated now; there are a few items i moved around in my head but didn't update on the spreadsheet so i actually get them somewhere else. i might go back and update it at some point but it should still help you find any items you're missing.

route notes: (currently updating for cheat%, more on this later)

archive of all item images: original images created by @KatamariItems on twitter, i just renamed them with the actual item names instead of "item (#)" so they're easy to search.

map to all the constellations on the world map from where you start lol
another version done by cherry_soup (with and without constellations)
ps2 version

item tier list lmao: (meme)

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