Known version changes in Reroll
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Known version changes in Reroll

This is a work-in-progress list of known changes in Reroll from PS2. Many of these “changes” are a result of Reroll being a direct remake of the Japanese PS2 version. They are denoted as [JP]

General: • Many NPCs have slightly different movement patterns • When there is an object obstructing the camera, the game lets you see through it now (was just the silhouette of the katamari in the original) • On PS2, moving objects that get "knocked" are paused when out of view. (i.e. they won't get up and run away unless you're looking at them). In Reroll, they will run away even off-screen. This makes certain things like the dogs in Mas9 harder.

Timers: • In addition to load times being significantly faster on Reroll(PC), the timer durations on each level have been changed

Overworld(level selection): • Starting position changed

Mas1: • [JP] Music on first playthrough plays “YOU ARE SMART” instead of “Wanda Wanda” • The TV stand no longer has random spawns. Always directly across from sleeping mom. • [JP] The tutorial after beating the level is now skippable.

Mas2: • The TV stand no longer has random spawns. Always directly across from sleeping mom. • As such, it is no longer one of the possible spawn objects.

Mas7: • The 4th step has been moved from the water to the police station

Mas8: • [JP] The mini-vans on the hill are now full-sized vans.

Other: • The "Globe" object is listed at the same size (1m8cm) but is bigger (1m12cm3mm)

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mountain man is on mas8 in reroll but not on ps2 (they're all alpinists). he can be found in the forest on mas6 in ps2 instead. i'm keeping track of any item differences i notice between them on my items doc for 1438 but most of them are probably just going to be notes that they despawn earlier on ps2.

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