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2 years ago

Post your ideas for categories here ! Its best practice, if you actually have a example video and a clear set of rules before suggesting anything.


Gunfull full game run: You have to use a gun on every level Any glitches are allowed except for dc If you don’t use a gun you have to reset By using a gun means to Fire it

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Min jump All enemies Gunless All enemies Crouch only (Guns allowed but not to kill enemies) NoCrouch

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He/Him, They/Them
2 years ago

Min jumps -Any% minimum jumps Dummy% -Die to all the dummies Short runs -The opposite of long runs except you dont have to beat the game Any%/Gunless 10x/100x -10 or 100 runs of any% or gunless

So i was thinking of a new category idea and these two come first in my mind, the boomer mod and the all enemies section, why don't make a categories for that ?

The category is gonna be called : Boomer All Enemies

what do you guys think?

Warp% Achieve warp speed as fast as possible.

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default% basically any% but doing the beginner route



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Czech Republic

%Slow Must complete the run as slowly as possible, Can't pause the game for any reasons to make the run longer Must move atleast once in 10 seconds, if you don't move in 10 seconds, your run does not qualify. (Every time you move the 10 second timer refreshes, while moving the timer is not active)

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København, Denmark

CrouchLess%: Don't crouch at all

California, USA

death ILs? seems like it'd be fun

edit: lmao i just realized Dave posted a forum post saying basically the exact same thing like a year ago

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joker% (ae+death)