Beginner to speedrunning, advice needed
2 years ago
Santa Cruz, CA, USA

Hey all, I'm a guy who loves Kirby's Adventure, but I'm brand new to speedrunning. Does anyone have anything I should know, like what to stay speedrunning in Kirby first, or maybe a link to a place that has information on tips or tricks? Thank you!

New York City, NY, USA

Would recommend the discord for advice on game specific stuff (you'll get answers quicker there)

For speedrunning all you really need is a way to record your gameplay (camera is fine) and a timer if you'd like to track your times. There's plenty of Livesplit tutorials on the internet (Livesplit is a good speedrun timer for windows users, for Mac Google Livesplit One).

If you have anymore questions don't be afraid to ask in the discord cuz no one rly checks src forums

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