Half-Life Config

Install this config to make you move faster and jump higher. This lets you submit to the Half-Life miscellaneous category leaderboard. Move these inside the config directory in your game install folder. This will change the config for both TDD and Justine. It also increases the maximum saves kept from 20 to 200, so if you made that change yourself, you don't need to apply it again. (direct download)

By TeravortryxTeravortryx


Justine Save files

All my save files I use to learn the different skips. They have to be placed in your ~Documents\Amnesia\Main\[ProfileName] Also Important to start amnesia with the launch options: config/ptest_main_init.cfg (direct download)

By Ru642Ru642


Amnesia: Justine Any%

(direct download)

By SkyreonSkyreon