Graffiti Manager (external link)

By ChrisderWahreChrisderWahre

IL Converter

Converters the IGT time of ILs to the leaderboard time. We need this cause decreasing time in srcom can't have 100s of seconds. (external link)

By redmogoredmogo


All practice saves

Unzip this folder and put the numbered folders into your save directory which should look something like this: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\(your steam ID)\205950\remote\SAVE Saves 2 and 6 are used for multiple levels. (direct download)

By kitcarsonnkitcarsonn

Ch. 3 No souls collected

A Ch. 3 file with all the saves still there to practice ANS (direct download)

By redmogoredmogo

The real All Jet Graffiti file

NG+ file, all challengers unlocked + the Noise Tanks, who are used for the faster Benten Jet Graffiti route. (direct download)

By FailaFaila


Blank 20 Souls Splits

(direct download)

By LoomehLoomeh

Blank All Jet Graffiti Splits

(direct download)

By LoomehLoomeh

Blank All Red Tags Splits

(direct download)

By LoomehLoomeh

Blank ANS Splits

(direct download)

By LoomehLoomeh

Blank Any% Splits

(direct download)

By LoomehLoomeh

Limpster's splits 39:30

My 39:30 splits (the last split was late, so I edited it, it's not very precise). (external link)

By Limpster669Limpster669

Mixtape's 37 Splits

These are my splits for my 37:56, the SoB is fixed. Only best segment for Grind Square, skipped split in PB. (direct download)

By MixTapeMixTape


Fix Saving/Loading

This fix the messed up loading of save files (external link)

By cheatfreak47cheatfreak47