Autosplitter for LiveSplit

For Jazz 1 version 1.0 (Floppy) in Dosbox 0.74. Unknown if other Jazz 1 or Dosbox versions work. (direct download)

By BinaryBlobBinaryBlob

DOS Box Download

DOS emulator. All known runs have been played with it. (external link)

Jazz Jackrabbit Notes

Version differences, tips for new speedrunners and more. (external link)

By SimonNSimonN






Jazz 1.0 Shareware

Copy its JAZZ.EXE and MENU.000 into GOG's Jazz 1.3 to get Floppy (1.0) physics: Easier Orbitus 2, working airboard ditches. But disables Episodes A-C, X, Z, so keep backups. (direct download)

By Epic Megagames

MaxStrike's Orbitus 2 patch

Another way to make Orbitus 2 easier: Copy LEVEL1.005 into GOG's Jazz 1.3. Airboard ditches remain broken. Episodes A-C, X, Z remain selectable. (direct download)

By MaxStrike