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If anyone wasn't aware already, the patchless category is the initial release of Jazzpunk on Steam / GOG without any of the bug fixes which kill a bunch of tricks in the speedrun (this is mainly my fault for telling the devs about them).

I still have the GOG install file for the unpatched version, should I host it somewhere for anyone interested in running that category? I WILL need proof that you own the game on Steam however so you aren't just getting a free game, just an earlier version.

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I would be interested in trying out the patchless version, also if there's a guide for running that version as well that would be helpful.

You can check my Steam library for proof that I own a copy of Jazzpunk. My Steam tag is the same name as registered here.


Sorry for late reply.

I should also say if you want a copy of the unpatched version, just add me on Steam ( ). I'll see if you own the game, and if you do then I'll give you a link to download it. The URL will be different for each person so you won't be able to share it anywhere.

There are no guides really but you can always watch my run

as well as a "glitch guide" that I made for the unpatched version which just shows everything that is wrong with it (this was made before I found the cake teleport)