Adding milliseconds to the board?
3 years ago
Pennsylvania, USA

Hey all. With the new route that has been developed I believe that we are going to see our top times getting very close. I just recently tied Space Colonizers 3:22 though I'm not too concerned about the tie as we both are currently grinding for lower times. What do you all think about adding milliseconds to separate the top times?

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California, USA

just submitted a 3:20.54 run, which beats chambers's 3:20.717. so milliseconds needed for appropriate WR ranking.

special note: chambers has an unsubmitted run that's also 3:20.54, we would be frame tied for 1st if he submitted. but both slack and i are pushing for 3:1X.

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United States

great runs on Jaws guys, years ago when I got my 416 that was back then the second fastest time in the world. Many many years ago before you guys even started to be running, but the funny thing is you guys are taking this game to a time where no crazy finger speed needs to be involved, and no killing yourself. I think it's absolutely awesome you found a way to also avoid the bonus, I'm looking forward to getting myself into the threes really soon really impressive!

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United States

Yeah Agreed I think this game is becoming a maximum time, which is something very interesting.

Tennessee, USA

milliseconds have been added to the board

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