1 year ago
California, USA

Hello all!

I'm pleased to announce the addition of two new categories!

DEATHLESS Now that there are more runners on the leaderboard using the "Death Route" for top times in any%, a Deathless category is justified. I have copied over all the Deathless WRs from the past, but kept them in any% as well since they are the any% WRs of their time. If you are one of those runners, PLEASE keep those runs in both categories. Anyone else is free to move their eligible runs to the new category using the "edit run" option, leave them in any% where they are, or make a duplicate submission.

POWER 1 Power 9 requires that you to complete the game at the maximum power level. Now, those looking for a challenge can try killing Jaws at the MINIMUM power level. This IS possible, as demonstrated in a youtube video by kareshi (not yet submitted at the time of this post). At this time there are no other restrictions on the category with regards to getting a submarine or collecting crabs for the speed boost, so it's not a true "low%". This may change in the future as the category's potential gets realized. I look forward to seeing what strategies develop!

OTHER CHANGES I removed the "minisub/subless" variable. The original purpose was to help distinguish runs using the newer subless death routes from runs using traditional strategies. But now that we have a separate Deathless category it is mostly redundant and was making the rules and submission process more complicated.

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