Fire Canyon Skip

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Fire canyon skip or FCS is a skip that has been in the works and has gone through 2.5 different variations on ways to perform it. Currently the skip still remains non rta viable.

FCS has made a lot of progress since the first version which required over 200 invisible/visible ledge grabs to get far enough into fire canyon to perform an idle deload which allowed you to spawn at the end of fire canyon. The current version of FCS (FCS V2.5) however, uses a completely different method to reach the end.

While brainstorming possible ideas on what ways could in theory work I remembered a video made by TyrianSR of a glitch performed at the end of fire canyon that allowed you to infinitley bounce on the hot surface. This glitch was found by Piggleberry and became the second method of performing the skip through complicated testing.

The current way it is performed is done by spawning at the start of fire canyon then in 3 frame windows jumping far enough to reach past a certain point into the hot surface to start the infinite bouncing (thanks to Kuitar).

The problem with this method is that jak will try to bounce towards solid ground (orb crates, precursor ramps, dark eco boxes, ect) but thankfully I was able to route a way to avoid these and make it to the end. Sadly there are 4 parts along the route which make it not rta likely (the orb crate on the first bridge, orb crate on the 2nd bridge, precursor ramp right after the 2nd/3rd bridges, and dark eco boxes after the ramp).

If a way to make these sections easier was found this skip would easily be rta viable and save minutes off the 24 minute any% speedrun.

Video links

FCS V1 (ledge grabs) -

FCS V2 (first infinite bounce method) -

FCS V2.5 (second infinite bounce method) -

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