100% route (outdated)

By rozerrozer. Last updated

geyser rock

get first orb on right then 4 orbs up to get first cell.
get first scout fly
get 2 blue eco, and pick up rest of sf. second cell.
roll jump to beach, pick up orbs
pick up some blue eco, go to eco vent fill up open door get cell 3
let blue eco pick up orbs, then hopeful/ly use blue eco to collect orbs on top of two pillars.
pick up rest of orbs before cell, then get cell 4.
pick up blue eco then roll jump off and pick up remainingn 5 orbs.
then teleporter.

Sandover village 1

first sf in house. first 2 yakows, go to forbidden jungle

Forbidden jungle

get 2 nearest orbs, get orbs on cliff and 2 on bridge, drop down and do fishing game.
follow river to get to launcher. do not get first scout fly.
launcher then locked door.
roll to machine and knock mirror down.
get sf drop down to cell in ocean.
get orbs in water then sf [if not gotten] lanch up, and do first mirror.
then do second mirror and get orbs and sf
roll to the two out of the way orbs.
roll over gap to temple and get sf outside temple.
climb tower, get all orbs 1 more sf then top of tower cell.
do temple
on plant boss, take damage and first and third phase to make it quicker
get 5 orbs jumping on plant boss head.
remember 2 launchers for 10 orbs each.
with blue eco from plant boss launcher, drop down and pick up orbs in locked floor thing.
get sf you missed earlier and orbs, then death warp.
do third mirror then troll jump.
take damage on lurker and dark eco box for second death warp.
do fourth mirror, then get last orbs. last sf.
second death warp.
drop down bridge backwards, orbs then final mirror. return to sandover village.

sandover village 2

3 yakows, yakow cell, sf in yakow man hut.
jump up collect blue eco then get locked floor thing
speak to mayor twice, get sf in mayor hut.
talk to uncle twice get cell.
go to boat, go to misty island

Misty island

get muse,
follow muse path and collect 2 blocks of orbs
knock down bone collect blue eco, get cell on pillar.
go back, collect orbs then jump up to first sf.
collect orbs, then sf, and get up to cannon deck.
go down walkway, collect 2 clumps of orbs then back up.
get cannon cell.
use cannon to blow up boxes in arena
drop down get dark eco cell and orbs.
get arena orbs.
exit arena and collect orbs at entrance.
jump up and collect orbs and sf
roll jump down to beach and collect orbs and lue eco
get to locked floor thing. get sf on boat then cell on boat.
climb walkway and get remaining orbs and sf.
roll down and get on zoomer.
kill zeplins [hah], do 3 jumps for orbs, cell and sf. get orbs behind bones.
get zeppelin cell. then exit zoomer.
follow path round, climb up get final orbs and final sf.
jump down to boat and exit misty island.

Sandover village 3

get to sculptor, give him muse.
roll jump down and pick up 1 sf nearest to water.
enter beach.

Sentinel beach.

get blue eco, get first sf.
pick up orbs then trigger bird cutscene.
go to lighthouse and do lighthouse climb. get cannon cell.
use to cannon to kill bird, and all the locked boxes.
mega extended to the nearest pillar pick up orbs
mega extended to next pillar and pick up blue eco
collect orbs on beach with blue eco and get cell at end of beach
pick up orbs on stairs with blue eco.
climb up and over and get orbs by waterfall.
jump down and get orbs at bottom of waterfall.
swim round and get sf.
go under the arch and get orbs, and punch up log on right twice.
get blue eco and scare gulls 1 and get sf.
jump down behind sf tower and get orbs.
scare gulls 2 and get cell.
scare gulls 3 and get orbs
get to blue eco vent and swim around pelican cell
get all orbs and open locked thing with blue eco
pick up pelican cell and locked floor thingy.
vent again and launch to sf and orbs.
get sf by jumping on knocked up wooden pillar.
get green vents and cell. start damage buffering here
get seagull cutscene cell.
walk cliff, pick up sf with blue eco
open locked floor thing and knock down egg
jump down, can take 1 hit fall damage, and get bird cell.
get final sf and orbs,
death warp on dog.
turn and enter sandover village.

sandover village 4

get sf under first bridge
go get sf on top of rock near where akows were
rolljump over to oracle and get last sf and 2 oracle cells.
climb cliff to fire pass, get last orbs

Fire canyon

watch cutscene, then do fire canyon.
all orbs sf, etc. can do in 1 pass easily
fire canyon cell.

Rock village 1

activate blue sage teleporter
portal jump to scout fly behind hut.
cross pillars collect orbs and sf
talk to gambler once only
get sf behind boulder the talk to mole lady [bitch] twice to get cell
enter precursor basin

precursor basin

herd moles, get box and 1 sf
get figure of 8 purple lurker
do race
get second purple lurker
back track for missed orbs then jump over mole hole to get orbs in air
get sf and do purple rings. get sf under donut and any orbs on the way
sf on top of donut then finish rings
do plant cell then third purple lurker
cell above lake, get orbs on pillars and sf.
final purple lurker then orbs on lake
sf near blue rings, then start blue ring challenge
can get palnt cell during blue ring challenge
drive to entrance, final locked box with orbs and final sf.
exit precursor basin

Rock village 2

pick up blue eco, get 3 orbs and scout fly then open locked floor thing
get 2 oracle cells
talk to mole lady
sf on restaurant bit behind gladiator
orbs above floating platforms
enter lost precursor city

lost precursor city

cross to flying lurker and get orbs in circle
drop down get sf activate platforms and open locked floor thing
climb up, exit first room.
sf and orbs in second room
right hand side, open locked floor thing and get sf
get blue pipe sf
get green pipe sf and orbs around it
jump to scout fly near red pipe and get red pipe cell
orbs and cell above dark eco
get orbs around spinning lurkers, start damage buffer
do puzzle room get cell, then death warp
cell across platforms then first slide, can miss orbs on first slide
6 orbs then activate lift
get final sf then do second slide
cell at bottom of slide then race against eco [or not]
cell at end of eco climb
do first slide again and take lift out of lost precursor cit

rock village 3

cell on top of lift then death warp
scout fly then swim to eco machine
eco machine cutscene
final scout fly
enter boggy

boggy swamp

orbs and first sf
launcher to second sf
break first tether then get orbs and death warp [only if on one health]
destroy rats nest and launcher to sf
next area simple. break second tether
break six boxes in goop, then use blue eco to collect sf.
then break more bokes and do ambush
launcher to third tether
flut flut to break boxes on ground then get sf.
do flutflut cell and get all orbs and 1 sf
get boxes in goop with yellow eco then
locked boxes and final sf
final tether
final locked boxes with yellow eco
exit boggy swamp

rock village 4

death warp and talk to gambler twice and gladiator once
get orbs above floating platforms
enter mountain pass

mountain pass 1

defeat klaww, can use ricky strat
greatest sound effect
4 scout flies and all orbs before entering cave.
after cave, can miss sf and orbs because of backtracking
kill lurker at the end and get cell

volcanic crater 1

get sf on right then enter red sages hut and trigger cutscene.
get 6 orbs and sf on the way to miners
4 miner cells, then gem skip
take gondola up.

snowy mountain

first blocker
orbs up to and in tunnel get first sf
get all blockers on ice and orbs
get on flut flut and get orbs on the timed platforms.
death warp before cell
flut flut escape
kill first sheild lurker, get orbs and sf on cliff side
jump down and do fortress clip
climb middle, then up to blue eco
jump to second fortress scout fly and down on the right side for orbs
orbs on ice on the right and 3 by hopping lurker
jump back up to blue eco then get cell
jump and open the 3 locked things with blue eco
jump to left side of fortress and get the orbs
go to where the cell was, and ground pound in the corner twice to exit fortress
land on bridge and pick up the orbs.
go up hill and pick up orbs
orbs and blockers on snowball bit
red eco and kill second sheild lurker
drop down and get hopping lurker room cell
get 3 orbs, then backtrack
get 2 blockers on pillar of ice and orbs
get 2 blockers then drop down get sf and orbs
climb back up and get final blocker and orbs around fortress
yellow switch skip
preardf skip
get 2 locked boxes with flut flut, and locked box cell
back and get red eco
get final orbs on slide
final sheild lurker
make sure to jump over first platform to keep the correct spawn location
skip to flut flut cell and open fortress
death warp and then turn around
go through cave
drop down, get final sf near entrance
gondola down

volcanic crater 2

sf on pillars
get all orbs on minecart tracks
death warp. pick up orbs and sf on the way to oracle
2 oracle cells [less than 15 orbs left]
roll jump to entrance to mountain pass
enter mountain pass

mountain pass 2

pick up missed orbs and sf
get yellow eco and get hidden power cell
death warp

volcanic crater 3

roll straight to tracks and enter spider cave
get scout fly on pillar and scout fly near entrance to spider cave
get last volcanic crater orbs
enter spider cave

spider cave

head left, jump on webs and moving platforms and get to yellow eco vent
shoot 2 closest gnawing lurkers
shoot two gnawing lurkers behind, and pick up the orbs of the higher one
shoot at far left lurker and lurker near the floor to get them moving
refill yellow eco, get sf and shoot gnawing lurker on right
pick up its orbs, get yellow eco and shoot 1 gnawing lurker in front
climb up and get orbs and sf. shoot the crystal
refill on yellow eco, shoot last 3 gnawing lurkers
pick up orbs on lower wooden platform and on moving platforms
refill again on yellow eco and enter cave.
shoot crystal and locked boxes and sf box.
in water dive down to hit third crstal [or yellow eco if enough left]
enter dark caves
halfway round get crystal in water and sf near it
get cell and orbs at end, then exit, and death warp in dark eco
yellow eco, get orbs on upper platform and foll jump to scout fly
shoot locked boxes and final crystal. get crystal cell
death warp after drill lurker to spawn at robot
first three orbs then jump right, get yellow eco and break boxes and sf
run around the rock formation and get orbs.
pick up yellow eco and break locked boxes
drop to floor and go to falling platform orbs in corner
take lift to top move around and jump on wooden boxes to get up to final sf
jump back down, continue around and take lift up to final level
take moving platform round, and jump on falling platforms for orbs
continue around and get top of robot cell
skip to other cell then use blue eco to get orbs on poles
death warp
turn right and enter small spider area.
use yellow eco to break boxes
get cell at end, use launcher then fall into dark eco
get orbs on floor in this room, and gnawing lurker cell
climb back up to first yellow eco vent. get final 2 orbs on the way.
quad jump to cell in air and then exit spider cave with remaining eco.
use yellow eco to get hidden cell in vocanic crater

volcanic crater 4

hidden cell then death warp
final 2 sf across pillars, then enter lava tube

lava tube

all 50 orbs in first area, 2 sf
destroy balls
collect remaining sf
collect cell at end
trigger yellow sage teleporter cutscene,
enter gol and mia's citadel

gol and mia's citadel

pick up sf immediately turn right pick up first 3 orbs
head left and enter first area with blue launchers
pick up sf and locked floor thing
do launchers until last set of orbs then death warp
exit first area and jump to scout fly [can use blue eco]
continue to second area getting all orbs on puzzle platform
do as normal, pick up sf and locked floor thing
cutscene skip on blue sage
jump from blue eco moving platform to yellow sage
do not skip yellow sage cutscene
then using the blue eco, trigger locked floor thing before cutscene
death warp in that room to warp to blue sage.
jump down then get sf and continue to third room using pizzas.
get sf and orbs then enter hopping lurker area.
shoot boxes then kill lurkers and get to end
skip red sage cutscene jump down and get 3 orbs
climb up platforms, get last orbs in the game and final sf
skip green sage cutscene, then make way back up from red sage.
Beat final boss