Learn Any% No LTS

By RuhRuh. Last updated

This guide will help you to learn the Any% No LTS category for Jak and Daxter. It's recommended that you watch the entirety of the route, then come back to this thread for detailed video tutorials on individual strategies you will encounter throughout the run.


Alternative strat to the roll jump in Misty:

Blue Sage Cutscene Skip Tutorial:

LPC Elevator Death Warp:

LPC Puzzle Skip Tutorial:

LPC Piggyback Skip Tutorial

LPC Vent Skip Tutorial:

Backwards Cell Tutorial:

Snowy Mountain Skips while on Flut Flut:

Note: For the cell cutscene skip in fortress, make sure you turn your camera to the left (Flut Flut's left side is facing you). Also make sure you land ON TOP of the power cell.

Gondola Skip tutorial:

Keira Cutscene Skip tutorial:

Samos Cutscene skip tutorial:

NOTE: Samos Cutscene skip ONLY works on Black Label and Platinum Label versions of the game (works on PS2 and PS4).