Using AutoHotkey to change my up button before the gradius section
2 months ago

So I have been using a button that toggles between W being my jump key and W being my UP key with AutoHotkey so that during the Gradius section I can move up because it waste time to rebind my controls before it. and I figured that it should be fine since I'm doing it because my controls are bad for that part.

Please let me know if this is okay for me to do because I'm not quite sure. I know I should have made this post before I started doing it but I really though it would be okay now I'm having doubts about it but yeah xD.

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The rules are a bit complicated for this, but I don't think anyone would have any issue. It's a small swap in a short section that doesn't affect the ease of any skips or anything, so I'd say carry on doing it.


Okay thank you very much :D

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