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I wonder if it would be legit to use the window-drag glitch in runs (since lots of other glitches are used anyway, like save-hovering)... specifically rage mode runs.

It's not like there are a lot of saves you can use it on in rage mode (as there are barely any), but I found 2 places it MIGHT be useful:

- w8 after the thwomps, get on the platform to the right, small-hop and shoot to the left, so that your bullet goes just over the spikes, and right-click-hold the window for 6 seconds (hits the save-climb-saves to the Wily CD). This allows you to save after the 2 robot autoscrollers.

- At GLD, you can save after the 1st (easier half), after going up the left and falling diagonally down, just standing on the lower left area/platform, shoot and right-click-hold the window for 4.5 seconds

Any consensus among the runners on whether this would be ok? Or specifically the rage mode runners?

Since only wrong warping is explicitly disallowed as a glitch, this might make Rage mode runs marathon-safe (or it can also be considered ruining the w8-challenge-purity of it, having to do all auto-scrollers for each GLD attempt XD)

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