So if you kill Solgryn but die. Does that still count? Like could we time it to as if I went to credits or something? I'm asking because this happened and basically ruined my personal best run

Forgot to ask if it would be possible to add time since I did kill him however I did die. So just wondering if adding time to that would be okay compared to it being invalid.


As per the rules, the timing "ends on cutscene after Solgryn kill." Since the cutscene never plays and the credits don't roll, this would not count unfortunately. It does seem that you had another 20 minutes to finish up the fight, so I don't think it's a fair assessment to say it ruined your PB run (I know your post isn't asking for advice, but it's usually a good idea to know backups for when things don't go as planned). I'm certain that another mod could give more input on this as it's very likely to have happened to somebody before.

Context clip for the next people to see this: https:/​/​clips.​twitch.​tv/​MuddyFlaccidOxWoofer


Ah okay. Well thanks, just wasn't sure fully so wanted to ask before putting in more trouble than it's worth. I'll have a better run hopefully incoming anyway

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