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I am very confused, why are runs being approved with no video evidence?

If I knew I could just submit fake times with absolutely NO proof of the gameplay, I'd be doing that left and right just like jako6601. Every time I see a run submitted by jako6601 I'm not going to believe it's valid since it's most likely fabricated splits with a fake time. I have no respect for cheaters like jako6601.

I am mortified by the moderation of this community and what it's become. Frankly, I feel absolutely sick to my stomach.

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I agree. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. Jako6601 is definitely going to be kept on a shorter leash in the future. I'm sick of being abused and degraded by speedrunner who wants to "win it big" on I can't believe I was foolish enough to accept this ridiculous claim, and I will try better to follow the rules set out by the board moderators in the future.

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If i wanted to "win it big" why the hell would i go for the second place then? If i fabricated my data then i wouldn't go for second place dumbass and if you are sick to your stomach that i don't have acces to valid footage but acces to data that does not seem fake or manipulated, then why would you complain. It is not like it is even close to the world record but i don't see any footage attached to that either, so if you are complaining about missing footage then just remove my record and i won't submit anything anymore. Happy?




Kappa my ass, i don't care if you think it is manipulated or not, because i know that it's real ,.l.,


God I hate cheaters


I am sure they hate you aswell asshole, cause i do so very much at this point.

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Why are u so mad. also about my video is deleted. my video wr ez mode is deleted, becuase channel with highlight deleted. but mod who accept my run he know what is real and dont cheat., becuase he have see wr video


F1: Thank you so much for your help with the forum. We try to help the community as much as possible by avoiding fabricated runs.

Abilienkov3: I know your video is legitimate, I verified it and it is real. Good job on your well earned world record.

Jako6601: I don't know where to start. Your swearing has triggered me and your threats to my boy F1 have been taken very seriously. A restraining order is in progress. As for your place in this community, we are now tightening your leash once more. We will be checking in on you every 2 hours. If any misconduct has taken place, we will banish you. You have been warned. I swear buddy if you keep trying to win it big we are all going to unfollow.

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Maybe you guys should fuck off instead of trolling people on this forum.

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