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Hello everyone,

I wanna be the Boshy is finally on speedrun's website. Here is where you can rejoice or cry, depending on how much you've played the game.

Any questions, comments, concerns, etc. should be posted here. Thanks!

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I'm currently playing this good game in ez-mode. And I think i'll speedrun it one day. But i don't feel enough confident on my skills to play on normal mode. May i submit a run on ez-mode (which include to create a misc category for this difficulty) ? Or Should I learn to play on normal mode ?

Kind regards,

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You will (probably) not have anyone else competing in that category, but you may of course do whatever you want.

But who knows, more people may get interested into running that as a start to Boshy running, because it cuts down on some of the more frustrating parts.


Sweet ♪! I'm so happy ༼つ ◕‿◕ ༽つ

I don't mind because i'm not looking for competition. I like this game and i like speedrunning, that why i want to run IWBTB even on ez-mode (the main reason is because i'm not really strong enough ༼つ >‿< ༽つ )

And yeah, maybe there are other people like me who may be interested about that category as a start of speedrun train.

Thanks for your answer BBF.

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Hmm, Since i'm not fully familiarized with speedrun rules, I save two questions :

1. May I create a backup save during the run ? I'm thinking about gradius skip. By making a backup save, i mean I copy the current save file, then paste somewhere else. It's pretty similar to rpg speedrun, we can save and reload only the save from the current speedrun, we cannot reload a save previously made. I don't think it changes a lot of thing on IWBTB, but i would like to stick to this rpg rule to be fair with other runners if you allow this save/reload rule. Obviously, my timer is unpause during my save.

2. About DBO, Is it allow to use yellow boshy for one platform segment ? Or it's strictly forbidden ? The reason of my question is about one screen from world 6 :
Strangely on Ez-mode, this single "safe" block is getting on my way, and make this part harder for me imo (I pratice a lot, but i don't manage to make it with dark boshy). I cannot save with dark boshy since his bullet is too big. If you are interested about this screen, I made a save on this screen that i can share if you want to try it.

PS: I'm currently try/pratice if i can pass this screen with dark boshy, so i can stick with speedrun rules. I hope so ^^


Hi Ony!

1.) Backup saves are not allowed during runs, to my knowledge. I know gradius skip can be daunting, but I have never seen any runner in a non-marathon setting use backup saves. Because of this, I would assume that backup saves (although not explicitly stated in the rules) are not allowed at any point in any of the runs.

2.) DBO is exactly what it means - Dark Boshy Only. You cannot use any other character for any other reason. This rule was put in place to keep everyone on the same playing ground. Although this rule is actually supposed to prevent other characters that have special mechanics to them (i.e. Ryu, Simon), all other characters are also restricted. I'm really confused on why that block will be easier with regular Boshy over Dark Boshy ... they have the same exact hitbox, only Dark Boshy is colored differently and shoots larger bullets. Are you shooting while jumping? Sometimes shooting can alter your position, so maybe this is the issue? Other than that, I have absolutely no idea why any jump would vary for any character in Boshy - they all have the same hitbox (even the spider).


Dark Boshy can't hit the save before doing the jump, normal Boshy can. It's the only helper block that actually makes a segment more difficult.


Ah, so he's referring to the bullet actually being a problem, not the jump itself. In either case, you'll have to practice with Dark Boshy for the entire game. Good luck!


Thanks a lot for your answers. Then I'll pratice hardly and trying to find a set up. Hoping i'll find one ^^

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I have some problem at one screen from world 5 :
Sometime, for no reason, i'm stuck at this hole and cannot go down. I tried to restard the game, but i cannot pass through. Fortunately, it was during a training session, but i'm scared if it's happened during a speedrun.

Second, Skeleton King's fire balls are really a pain and i barely dogde them. Are they totally RNG or can we somehow manipulate them ?


1 block holes are a known pain in the ass. Try walking away from it a bit before trying again. They are NEVER impossible to do.

Skeleton King's Fireballs can not be manipulated to our knowledge, you just need to learn to handle them properly.

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Thanks a lot BBF.

I'm sorry to bother you again, but i have another question. By watching some speedrun, i see that runners are binding "down" and "shoot" at the same key. I'm guessing it's related to "double shot" (it's write on the leaderboard rules).

I don't know how exactly does it work ? On normal difficulty and without this trick, boshy fires 5 bullets so it deals 5 damages. But when i watch runners using this trick, there are only 3 bullets. So each bullet deals 2 damages ?

Plus, I don't understand why speedrunners uses this tricks against Ryu, Mario, Biollante, sonic and Mega man. And they don't use it against Hello Kitty and Skeleton King. (I don't know about Ganon and Solgryn since i don't finish world 8 and more on casual mode. I don't want to spoil myself about the unfinished world by watching speedrun ^^)


Yeah it s the double shot glitch , just bind down to your shoot button , boshy will be now firing 3 bullets instead of 5 but the first 2 bullets are actually dealing 2 damages .
It does not work on some bosses that s why you see runners using it on some bosses and not on others.

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Thanks a lot Psybotteh !

I found an old video (Jun 3, 2012) about a speedrun in Ez-mode. There is a part that disturbing, it is about a skip from Biollante to world 7 (start around 9m50) :

Have you any clues about that skip ? And is it considered as wrong warp ? Since I don't see this skip on any runs.


Any tips on mashing guys ? i can get pretty much everything in the game but mario and megaman quick kill , i usually end up with 3 hp left on megaman and about the same on mario , it s really discouraging and frustrating . I do mash with my index finger , tryng to get that vibrating thing to work but can't get it down .


No idea what to tell you instead of "practice".

Maybe look a bit more into general damage optimization (jump quadshot Mario at the start, optimal Megaman damage when he falls?) might help you.


Sure i'd like to practice , but i have no clue how .
Any idea of exercise i could do ? I know it sounds silly but i m kinda desperate at this point lol
Thanks for your answers btw .


I was thinking about changing controls ? Witwix's controls surprised me, if i remember well, he uses wasd keys as directions (qwerty keyboard), then space key as shoot. Same thing about stonk who use shift key as shoot.

The main idea is using only one hand for the shooting part.

The problem is about re-learning "muscle memories" from the start, i tried this idea but I didn't make it.



Practice is any way you think you need help - full game runs, specific bosses, specific worlds, etc. Personally, I just do full runs of the game to see what I need help on, and then practice that specific part until I'm comfortable again. Try it out, see if it helps the mashing thing at all. There's no specific "mashing" practice besides just playing the game.


Changing controls is all personal preference. You mentioned Witwix's controls as being odd, which would probably be just as odd for many of the active runners. Everyone has their own comfort key bindings, so just pick something that you think would benefit you the most to learn. Muscle memory will come with time.