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As it says in title. New speed runner never completed a run of this game but am wanting to start playing ez-mode to start my training. Why is it only Dark Boshy?


Hi Maunaloa, and welcome to Boshy speedrunning!

The sole reason why Dark Boshy is used from the start in all categories except 100%, is because the community decided the game was more fun to play that way.

If you want to use Dark Boshy without having to play through the game and collect the various chests required in order to unlock him, you can go to the "Resources" section to the left, and download the "Dark Boshy" file. Replace that file with the "onlineLicense.ini" file in your Boshy folder, and Dark Boshy will be unlocked the next time you boot up the game.

Feel free to ask any questions you might have. Also, Tehjman1993 has a good platforming tutorial in the "Guides" section, but these mostly apply to the Average mode route, and many saves have several ways to approach them.



Dark Boshy has several advantages that make everyone agree that it is more fun.

-Hitting bosses is quite a bit easier, while still keeping it challenging
-Gradius Skip is insanely difficult with small bullets, 100% runs usually switch to Ryu to make it very easy instead
-The World 11 skips only work with Dark Boshy's (and Nyan Cat's...) bullet position/size


Do you have any video tutorials? @Famarok


I know im late but what is the default install location for this game because i cant seem to find it.


You just download it and unzip the folder, no install.