Is unbinding Q allowed?
8 months ago

I was just wondering if unbinding Q with autohotkey is allowed, I know BBF said in a previous post that autohotkey should only be used for your basic controls so you don't have to redo them when you reset but I have always have unbinded Q cause my binds for movement and jumping are very close to that I always miss click it. I didn't ever think it was a big deal and I mentioned it in discord with BBF, Tyste and Anuj and no one seemed to say anything about it so I'm not entirely sure, please correct me if I'm mistaken and I will stop doing it immediately.


Oh I must've missed where you asked in discord. I personally think it should be fine, but I'm a wasd:er so I can relate to fatfingering Q occasionally


Ahh ok yeah that's what I kinda thought, btw the reason why you missed me asking in discord is probably because I didn't really ask in discord I kinda just roughly mentioned that I unbind Q lol. Also I'm a wasd'er myself xD.

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