I found a glitch that completely breaks IGT
3 years ago
Pennsylvania, USA

At the start of a save file, you press pause at a certain time to be in the pause menu at the same time as the cutscene.

In this first video, I advance the cutscene through the options menu. The game lets me play through the entire thing without unpausing. The IGT is frozen in this paused state. I have gotten a time of 0:00.017 with this glitch.

In this second video, I use the pause glitch to unpause during the cutscene instead. The IGT still somewhat works in this state. I figured out later on that the timer is frozen in the first two rooms but it fixes itself after that. This is also unsure to actually be useful at all, since I don't know how it interacts with the Itan softlock exactly.

I think the first exploit should definitely be banned. The second one probably too. I don't know if the second glitch is actually useful or not. If it always causes Itan softlock then it is useless.

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