Hi all,

I was noticing that this game is listed for the Amiga so it got my attention.
But I was checking the rules and there is written that we need to run the CD-Version + ScummVM.
Well that rule does not really apply to the Amiga, so what can we do?
Can I still stick to the Amiga or do I have to go for ScummVM.
I think the main difference about both games would be the voice samples.


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Welcome! Great to see new people interested in running FoA.

The Scumm+CD rule is primarily in place for two reasons: the save/saveless categories (as quick saving in scummvm is significantly faster than DOSBox) and to avoid people submitting runs on tested inferior platforms like the Steam release. That said: we have been meaning to explore the other versions to see if they are comparable to CD+ScummVM in terms of timing and to see if there are other glitches/exploits/etc.

If you want you can join the discord linked on this page and we (UrQuan and I) can discuss this with you further. Make sure to talk in the Lucasarts_games room.

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I would tentatively give you the green light to play on whatever Amiga emulator you use. You can actually play the Amiga version on ScummVM as well if you want.

Many of these LucasArts games have Amiga versions, though not all of them have it listed as a platform. Most notably, the Monkey Island 2 Amiga version is significantly faster and so it is used for the speedrun.

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Hi, thanks.

I played this in my youth, coming back as an adult should be an interessting experience.
Also I am more the Amiga-type-of-guy, so my selection range is a bit limited here.

I dont know when I start this project, but as soon as it goes I will inform you.
When there is some run created we can talk about it.

Personally I use WInUAE for emulation and got other runs verfied using this tool, so it should also properly work for Indy4.

See ya.


Alright everybody,

as you might noticed I submitted a (maybe) decent run for the Teampath using my Amiga-Emulator.
It seems that the overall differences to the PC-Version a just minor things, so playing this on the Amiga should also work to compete with the PC.
Well I only did the TeamPath by now, but I am planning to do the other 2 paths as well so we can better compare the versions.
(Maybe it turns out to be like in Monkey Island 2 where the Amiga version is (of course) superior 😉 )



Join the discord so we can discuss the routes and stuff.