Car Chase Map and Locations

Far from perfect map of the city. Handy reference tool when needing to find the location of the Sunstone. (direct download)

By SenoboSenobo

Crete ruins diagram and tech explanation

A diagram of the Crete ruins that shows which pile of stones are tied to one another, where the lines go, the locations of the X, and a brief explanation of some tech to speed up unearthing the Moonstone. (direct download)

By Chuck grody

Lava Maze Explanation

A visual guide to help players traverse the Lava maze in Atlantis (direct download)

By aWay0fLifeaWay0fLife

Map of the AtlantisLabyrinth

Here, we can obtain the map of the Atlantis Labyrinth with all informations. If you want some infos, I suggest you go see the guide on the routing in Any%. (direct download)

By Noshi15551

Map of the Desert

Here is the map of the desert where you can find the precise position of the excavations. During the run, do not forget to ask what ruin is the right to nomadic camp of the center. (direct download)

By tenev911tenev911

Omar's House locations

Just circled the houses Paul ducks into during the city streets section. (direct download)

By ChuckGrodyChuckGrody

ScummVM 2.1 by UrQuan

Custom version of ScummVM 2.1.0 by UrQuan that fixes numerous bugs and optimizes timings to be closer to native DOS. (external link)

By ChuckGrodyChuckGrody