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Hey everyone.

I have started running this game in Any% recently and I am a little confused about when exactly the timer should start.

As the rules state "The timer starts when the player did the first action with the character. The short cutscene at beginning and dialogue from Indiana Jones does not count. "

So as far as I understand, You skip all the cutscenes, and you also can skip the 2 lines of text Indy speaks when outside the Theater in New York.

However there is a lack of consistency in runs on the leaderboard. The 1st placed run has the runner start the timer as soon as all the graphics have faded in (and before the text appears). The 2nd runner starts the timer (apparently) after the cutscenes are skipped and the 4th placed runner starts when everything has been skipped (as per the rules)

So I am just asking for clarification on this before I start submitting runs. But I'd like to state I have no problem starting when the rules say you should, I actually think that's a good and fair place to begin a run.

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The chrono began in the street when you do your first input obligatory. "Well, I'm in New York" disappears without having to do a input, so you can start after (when you move Indiana or take the newspaper).

Sorry if I took time to answer. I don't go every day.


That answers my question, thank you. 😃