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New Hampshire, USA

Hello, Ignition is one of my Childhood games and have been interested running this game for a while. However, I felt it I should bring up to the community here that there is a fan site holding times for the tracks in this game. The leaderboards on the site haven't been updated since 2008, and the times on the ghost files suggest the times were done in 1999-2001.

I found while looking at the Wikipedia article of the game, which only contains just a handful of sentences. I don't know if this needs to be placed on the Speedrun.com since there is no video footage of these runs, only ghost data. I figured it should be mention here in case there hasn't been any knowledge of this leaderboard.

Link to site: http://www.bobulous.org.uk/ignition/ghosts.html


Hi Waltek, You have just made a great contribution to the small speedrun community in this game and the truth is that it is quite interesting that there were leaderboards from before.

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These times are absolutely insane. Would've been great to see a leaderboard like here and some videos.

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Pays de la Loire, France

wth how they can do 1:42 on cap thor ? I want to see a video, maybe there is a cut we didn't discover yet ! The 1:34 on moosejaw is pretty insane too !


I can only really comment on Moosejaw, Snake Island and (a little) Cape Thor, the other tracks I hardly ever run and have little or no knowledge.

The Cape Thor time of 1:42.62 means 34.2 per lap. I'm not sure if they used any new cut. The top guys on the leaderboard - Waluigi and TMDestruction - will certainly know better here. I ran Cape Thor recently for a short time and got a 34.63 lap, which was nothing special. I used the first boost at the first section of the lake/mountain area which comes after the long green section at the beginning. The car didn't jump around and stayed flat on the road without hitting any walls. But probably there is a faster way to do it (like TMDestruction uses the first boost and controls the car by hitting the right wall before the curve). I'm sure Waluigi and TMDestruction got faster lap times so an average low 34 should be doable with the known cut at the snow bridge. Of course if a run gets the mysterious cut that Gnobel got on his WR 32.23 lap it would be something else.

1:34.71 on Moosejaw is an average lap time of 31.57. My best lap time ever is 31.55 (without the bug) and there are a couple of small inaccuracies in this run and the long jump is not optimal either. So let's say if you theoretically could get a 31.4 or maybe even 31.3 on the first lap, you need to get 31.65 (or 31.7 respectively) on 2nd and 3rd laps. The problem - at least for me - is to optimize boosts at the start of 2nd and 3rd laps, which I haven't been able to do yet. When you have a fast sub 32 lap, the boost bar is filled after the finish line and just before or even right after the first curve and it's hard to keep control over the car after the boost. I tried to solve this by hitting the walls to slow down the car. Maybe there's a way to do it by using the brakes. I think I saw a run from you, where it looked like you boosted and used the brakes right after. Another problem is of course the following boosts which will come later than they come after a low 32 lap. Or maybe you don't hit the boost at all at the beginning of 2nd and 3rd laps, 31.7 could be possible without it. What decides a run is of course the s-curve after the last boost. I still haven't found a way to consistently pass it smoothly without a crash or without losing control. I tried going along the left wall during the boost to slow down the car. But I don't know if it really has an effect. The s-curve still feels more or less like a lottery to me, it seems you need some luck, otherwise a WR-pace run is over there. The bug is totally useless on 1st and 2nd laps as the car respawns at the end of the s-curve. It could be useful on the last lap though. I got a run actually (video is on youtube), where I got the bug on the last lap on WR-pace. But the game didn't count it as a finish.

1:50.85 on Snake Island equals average lap of 36.95. We have seen on nukecorruption's runs (and on my 36.93 with the stuck in the spiral before the long bridge) that you can actually go down to like 36.5 or something. Your best chance will probably be on the last lap, where you can fully benefit from the last boost without much waiting or positioning. So let's say you get 37.1 on 1st and 2nd laps (which is doable) and 36.65 on a perfect last lap you're there. The first boost can turn out in many ways. I guess the optimal start is, where the car turns sideways in the air (like 45 degrees to the right) during the boost. But I could never get it consistently. I think the most important parts are the s-curve - which I haven't really mastered yet - and the spiral. When you leave the s-curve you need to step off the gas for a moment, turn left immediately and enter the bridge to the spiral along the left wall. It saves time compared to going to the right wall first with full speed. With proper timing the last jump (the shortcut before finish) can be done without hitting any walls and losing time, you can move on with full speed.

Would be really nice to hear what the other runners think of these times and especially on the 5 tracks I know very little about.

I think we should analyze the Ghost Car files on the website and see what these guys did. They can still be downloaded apparently. And we should try to beat these times, otherwise we can't really call ourselves the real WR holders. Thanks to Waluigi we already beat them on Tokyo Bullet, so we're not totally done :) It's sad though that we have no videos and no "best lap times".

that's from me, take care everyone and good luck on the runs :)

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Pays de la Loire, France

I did not expect such a precise answer, but thanks for that, It's clearer to me now !

So okay, it's possible to beat them but we need to be super regular on the 3 laps ! Big challenge here ! For Tokyo Bullet I think if you have the 6 cuts in one run, you can hit 1:45 but pray for a good RNG haha (sorry my explication is not as detailed as yours lol)

And yes, we need the videos of these times :( Maybe it will be ours ! (not me im to noob and i didn't have the motivation to beat that D:)


If we have the ghost cars we can reproduce the strategies almost like if there were videos. I'm excited for this. We will probably have a bunch of new records set now. These records make us all look bad lol :p I'm actually proud my record at Gold Rush before this was discovered was only about a second behind. Some laps are like 3-5 seconds difference. Only map we are beating those old guys are Waluigi's Tokyo Bullet. And I'm guessing it's because they never found the skip. Edit: I could just DL the ghost car to get my last statement checked, in order not to look like a dumbass, but meh. :)

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