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2 years ago
Nevada, USA

Hello all,

I am one of the three new moderators for Ice Hockey after inactivity of the previous moderator.

I would love to revitalize this board and get more new runners into the game, because quite frankly it's one of my favorite games of all time. The other moderators are Yelsraek and ShesChardcore.

I have a couple of proposals I'd like to make and leave it up to a community vote. I personally believe these proposals would improve the fairness and quality of the leaderboards, but I don't want to make any changes without feedback from the community.

Proposal 1: Add milliseconds to the leaderboards

  • This proposal would add milliseconds to the timing to break all the ties, especially in categories like 10 goals and win the game% where there are plenty of ties. I know myself personally, I have had three runs of 2:02.XXX, each of which were 2 frames apart. My current "WR" run is actually not even the true WR because the previous moderator never added decimals.

Proposal 2: Start timing from puck drop for all categories

  • Currently timing starts when you press start on the character selection screen. However, this is a pain point for grinders, because sometimes the initial faceoff will have very bad RNG where the players take their sweet old time getting to the faceoff spot, and you've already lost 1-2 seconds before the game even started. Yes, of course RNG will be a part of this run, but to me it makes sense to remove the initial RNG because you haven't even played the game yet.

I am open to all viewpoints and opinions. I'd love to hear feedback from you, the players, to have a fun and competitive speedrun!

Best, Tecate

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Denver, CO, USA

Here's my two pennies

Proposal 1: I'm generally against having every run use ms and generally for limiting it to "times under X:xx" as this breaks the ties near the top which is probably where most of the ties are going to be anyway. It also means not having to retime every run on the board which can get tedious.

Proposal 2: This is a tricky one. What you said absolutely makes sense. It depends on what we consider the start of the game vs the start of the run. Control is technically gained in a weird place (basically before the face off even truly starts, when both sides can move) but the hockey game does not actually start until the puck drops. Having time begin on the start press keeps everything uniform but it sucks to start a run losing time. I have no strong feelings either way on this one other than disliking the awkwardness of splitting while also mashing and also using the dpad and trying to get out of that first face off without doing anything that makes you lose the RNG time you just saved. If I had to pick though it would be start press.

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Nevada, USA

I have no problem putting milliseconds on all the times, but yeah looking back at the board, probably just need the trophy positions and anything that's eventually equal/faster to them

Totally agree with you Char on part 2. Kinda just forgot about the movement before faceoff 1 because I never do it, because it's not advantageous and can only be harmful :D

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New Jersey, USA

Reviving this thread in the wake of Oreb7's run, particularly as it pertains to Proposal 1. Looks like there is absolutely justification to update at least the podium runs to milliseconds, as Oreb7's run and Tecate's run appear to only have a difference of one frame. We will need to settle on exactly which frame to look for as t=0. When I looked at the top 3 runs, I set t=0 as the frame before the black screen on the roster selection screen, and these are the times I got:

Oreb7: 2:02.817

Tecate: 2:02.833

ShesChardcore: 2:03.433

Wanted to make sure we are all on the same page before executing such a change, though.

Denver, CO, USA

I agree with yels here. It initially didn't make sense to add millivanilli seconds but now that there is a tie there is certainly justification to add them.

Yels' suggestion for the start time works for me as well.

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Pennsylvania, USA

at first I wasn't so sure, but, girl you know it's true

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Nevada, USA

Yeah I was always in favor of adding milliseconds because I've had three 2:02 runs all end up within 4 frame of each other.

The previous moderator of this game (prior to me, char and yels) didn't want to do milliseconds, so the fastest of my 2:02's (2:02.767) never got verified ... glad Oreb helped drive the impetus to make the change, and thanks yels/char for updating it all and GG Oreb on the second person to 2:02!!!

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