Possibility of a new category?
6 years ago

I remember playing this game as a kid, and there is a "No Goalies" mode. It can be acessed by holding A and B on both controllers, and pressing Start on controller 1(This needs to be done on the title screen). Well, it could be a Win with No Goalies%, should be fun, and more challenging(Kinda)! Well, running around your goal(As a "stall" strat) should be banned too, it would make it too easy :P

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Could be interesting. Would end up as a misc category though. I dont think stalls would be an issue, on more than one occasion people have lost the puck even while attempting to stall; and with no goalies that becomes an issue :P Will thing about it.


Well, what I'm wondering is how do you judge stalling? It would end up being a thin line between being not skilled enough to score consistently and intentionally keeping the clock running while scoring once in a while. So in my opinion, stalling shouldn't be banned because of "purist reasons" (for a lack of better term).

Meanwhile, I believe having a 10-goal category, like NHL 94 on the SNES has, would be cool. This would require entirely different strats than WinTheGame%, and would make stall strats counter-productive.

Right now, WinTheGame% relies on three things: scoring once at the last second of the first period, letting the clock run with no game interruptions, and ending the other two periods in center ice. Once you get those three down, you get a good time and that's it. A 10-goal category would rely on skill. I believe it would be popular, given that the Big 20 is currently having a similar objective with 3 goals.

I'd be curious to have your thoughts on this.

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Ontario, Canada

Im going to start upa Discord server so we can talk about this easier. Will make a new forum post with a link. People seem to be interested in it so I'll make a 10 goal Category for the time being and see how it goes.

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I think a no goalkeepers and/or fast puck (or both) category for each of the four categories that currently exist would be fun

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Some ther fun categories

  • Win a fight% (timing stops when opponent enters penalty box)
  • Fat%
  • Medium%
  • Skinny%

Etc etc

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