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6 years ago
Connecticut, USA

League 100% has been split up into All Leagues and All Pickups and Challenge Mode has been added.

New Hampshire, USA

I'm not a fan of All Leagues. Having to doing all three leagues seems kind of tedious, especially since it's asking the runner to replay Cloud 9 to Mist Mountain thrice and Emerald Crater to Glacier Edge twice before moving on to Lava Twists.

All Pickups seems like a fun speed run challenge.

Challenge mode is way too short for it to be entertaining to watch and fun to run. It's mainly because you can't do much of anything to make them be faster, it will almost always be over in about 6 minutes. It doesn't seem like run many people would do. Then again, it is my opinion and I could be completely wrong.

Connecticut, USA

Hmm, maybe you're right on All Leagues but I still think Challenge is worth putting on the LBs since it is a separate playable gamemode.

So I guess I'll remove All Leagues until someone runs it lol

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New Hampshire, USA

I'm Perfectly okay with that.