LevelFirst place
Ready, Set, Go!
T-Rex In The Living Room
Couch Surfing
Cobra Slalom
Wind Tunnel
Dangerous Perspectives
Bridge Overtakes
The Haunted House
Speed Vault
Freestyle Paradise
Ducts Slalom
Halfpipe Madness
Slam Race
Jurassic Skatepark
Wild Wild Skate
The Scorpion
Open Day
Drift Academy
Spiral 101
Spider Thesis
Magnetic Fields
Volcano Project
Gas Gas Gas
Applied Gravity
The Yeti
Neons Ride
Gravity Workshop
Spider Trial
Hot Wheels™ Warehouse
Attic Troubles
Garage Grand Tour
Snake On An Air Duct
Garage Yo-Yo
The Nitro Bot
Sunset Drive
Obstacle Race
Magnetic Climb
Snakes At Rest
Top Floor Crossings
Gotta Go Fast
Stunt Parking
The Terrodactyl
Where's the Suit?
Hangar Tour
The Joker's Playground
I'm the Night
The Last Laugh
Lights, Camera, Action!
Diorama Race
Behind the Scenes
Champion's Cup
Director's Cut
It Begins!
The Kaboom
Rabbit Season
The Wild Chase
That's all, folks!
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Newest Patch removed faster boost recharge glitch

There was a glitch accidentally added to the game before the newest patch where you would recharge the boost faster than before. since this was not a intention by developers and didnt stay in the game i have to remove some times unfortunately, because they are almost unlikely to beat without this gl

2 years ago
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