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I have nearly 100% completed the game on Very Hard mode now and was wanting to try an Any% run. I do not have a capture card or anything and just wanted to know if any skips have been found for the game yet. Thank you!


As of now. From what I’ve seen. No. But I could be wrong. My best suggestion is watch the world record run of the category you want to run. Write down the route they have and practice that. If you don’t want to do that. Try making a route up on your own. As for capture card, it would be recommended but you don’t have to, just record the screen with a camera. The last place position in easy any% didn’t have a capture card.

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There is a dev intended skip in 'Road to ancient lab' where you kill the guardian when it appears and there is also few cutscene skips: in 'Daruk, The goron hero' and 'Calamity Strikes' for example, i'm not sure if cutscene skips are used in any%.

People in this games speedrun discord server can probably help you more so you could ask more about this there.

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