LevelFirst place
The Battle of Hyrule Field
Road to the Ancient Lab
Mipha, the Zora Princess - Regular Battle
Mipha, the Zora Princess - Divine Beast Battle
Daruk, the Goron Hero - Regular Battle
Daruk, the Goron Hero, - Divine Beast Battle
Revali, the Rito Warrior
Urbosa, the Gerudo Chief
The Yiga Clan Attacks!
Freeing Korok Forest - Divine Beast Battle
Freeing Korok Forest - Regular Battle
The Road Home, Besieged
Akkala Tower
Destroy the Yiga Clan! - Divine Beast Battle
Destroy the Yiga Clan! - Regular Battle
When Courage Fails
Calamity Strikes
Water and Fire - Regular Battle
Water and Fire - Divine Beast Battle
Air and Lightning - Regular Battle
Air and Lightning - Divine Beast Battle
Relentless as a Waterfall - Divine Beast Battle
Relentless as a Waterfall - Regular Battle
Each Step Like Thunder - Divine Beast Battle
Each Step Like Thunder - Regular Battle
The Great Plateau
All Hyrule, United
The Future of Hyrule
Mastering Remote Bombs
Daruk's Training
Urbosa's Training
Lizalfos Infestation
Mipha's Training
Revali's Training
Explosive—Handle With Care
Mastering Cryonis
Anti-Flame Training: I
Anti-Lightning Training: I
Anti-Ice Training: I
Link: One-Handed Weapons
Link: Two-Handed Weapons
Link: Spears
Mastering Magnesis
Leave None Behind
Zelda's Training
Mastering Stasis
Daily Drills: Rito
Impa's Training
Hair-Width Trial: Beginner
The Breach of Demise
Cross the Hebra Mountains
Cross the Volcano
Daily Drills: Zora
Daily Drills: Goron
Fish Out of Water
Hestu's Training
Great Fairy Training
Messenger's Escort
Through the Desert
Anti-Ice Training: II
Innkeeper's Request
Swift Spear of the Zora
Fairy Fountain: Grassy Plains
Mountain Rescue
Echoing Footsteps
Anti-Flame Training: II
Daily Drills: Hyrule
Fierce Gale of the Rito
Mighty Thunder of the Gerudo
Outpost Defenders
Fairy Fountain: Deep Snows
Anti-Lightning Training: II
The Royal Escort
Daily Drills: Gerudo
Strike It Rich
Molduga Sighting
Tough Bulwark of the Gorons
Fairy Fountain: Desert Sands
Hair-Width Trial: Intermediate
Fairy Fountain: Battlefield
Coliseum: Beginner
Monk's Training
A Feast for Wizzrobes
Defend the Sands!
Escape the Lost Woods
Win Back the Mighty Bananas!
A Show of Strength
Chief-of-the-Dunes Battle
Fruit for the Princess!
In the Clutches of the Yiga!
Trial of the Ancients
Territorial Battle
Stronger Yet
Coliseum: Intermediate
Teba's Training
Riju's Training
Anti-Flame Training: III
Anti-Lightning Training: III
Sidon's Training
Yunobo's Training
Fleeing the Weather
Forest Dance Festival
Anti-Ice Training: III
The Chief-in-Training
Winged Escort
Anti-Flame & Lightning Training
Anti-Ice & Lightning Training
Escorting the Injured
Prince's Escort
Like Grains of Sand
Anti-Flame & Ice Training
The So-Called Knight
Apprentice Yunobo
Questionable Escort Mission
Zelda's Training: Bows
Lost Treasures
Defend Zora's Domain
Fire Hazards
Master Kohga's Training
Generational Conflict
Elemental Uproar
Impa's Damage Control
Fight Lightning with Lightning
Defend the Spring of Courage
A Hidden Treasure
King Rhoam's Training
Nap Quest!
Sidon vs. the Octoroks
Anti-Element Training
Goron-Style Barbecue
Wisdom of the Storm
Hero of the Rito
King's Escort
Sibling Bonds
Hunting for Gemstones
Polishing His Technique
Defend Akkala Citadel
Hair-Width Trial: Expert
Reclaim the Land
The Guardians Counterattack
Gerudo Fury
Coliseum: Expert
Footsteps of the Giant
Zora Mettle
Rito Discipline
Terrako's Training
Ganon's Training
Invading Terrors
Hair-Width Trial: Expert+
Taming the Savage Lynel
The Master Kohga Chronicles!
Goron Spirit
Rampaging Malice
Hunting Partners
Defend Hyrule Castle
Shadow of Ganon
Guardian Graveyard
A Royal Investigation
Hyrule's Greatest Warrior
Guardian Showdown
Heart's Escort
Harbingers of the Calamity
Miss Vai Battle Pageant
Defeating Destiny
Blight Ganons Resurgent
Deep Woods, Deep Shadow
Remnants of the Calamity
Hold the Line
True Strength
Mysterious Arrivals
Versus Astor
Versus Harbinger Ganon
Versus Calamity Ganon
The Fiercest of Foes
The Heart of the Calamity
The Siege of Fort Hateno
Unnatural Disaster
Might of a Divine Beast
Volcanic Defense
Protector of the Forest
Pursue the Yiga Clan!
Defending Cephla Lake
Volcanic Might
Like the Wind
Two Chiefs
Molduga Deluge
The Power of Three
A Fiery Reckoning
Through the Storm