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Soooo I've been playing the game casually since day one and I kinda have some ideas for new speedrun categories.
(also please note that those are suggestions, not asked.)
- Low%: We all know what it is. Complete the game without collecting any chest and koroks and without completing a single side-mission (so no upgrade whatsoever). Normal time splitting
- All chests: As implied, collect every chest in the game (Including monsters camp chest?). Normal time splitting.
- All koroks: Same as all chests, but with koroks. But since some side missions have koroks, runners should also complete them. Time starts normally but time end on sealing Ganon with every koroks OR on the "Clear" statement at the end of the final mission after collecting the last korok.
Categories extension (those are just dumb).
- No character switch: Complete the game from start without changing characters in-game (in short, ban Up and Down input on D-pad) (You can still change wich character to play before starting a mission)
- Egg%: Repair Terrako starting from a new file (Time end on completing "Terrako's Return").

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How about All Mission run.


How about a all outposts taken category per level, so basically you play any level but have to take every single outpost

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I have some more ideas to add:

All Characters
Starting fom New Game, collect all of the characters in the game, these include the main story characters (Link, Impa etc.) but also Great Fairies, Monk Maz Koshia, Terrako and Calamity Ganon. Timing ends on the final character unlock screen.

Playing the Game Wrong
Starting from New Game+, play every level where the game tells you not to kill an enemy (such as the Molduga in Urbosa, the Gerudo Chief) and kill that enemy. Timing starts when you start the first mission, and timing ends on the final mission's clear screen.

Hyrule's Defense System
Starting from New Game+, play through every level with the word 'Defend' in its title (Defend Hyrule Castle, Defend the Sands, etc.). Timing starts when you start the first mission, and timing ends on the final mission's clear screen.

Hopeful Hyrule
Starting from New Game, clear a set number of 'The Hope of...' quests. It could be 3, or 5 or any other number. Timing ends on pressing A to collect the reward from the final 'The Hope of...' quest.

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We Could make a run where u needt to die really fast or a run where u have to do atleast 1 level of each divine beasts


I Apreciate the Critisisme but i still think it would be fun


how about a new game plus category but you have to beat the whole game with a 4 attack power tree branch

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