Rat Spare
1 year ago
United States

Is it possible for the mods to add the ending Rat Spare as a category on the leaderboard instead of having it only performed in All Endings% 22 Endings runs?

Indiana, USA

If thats the one where you dont shoot the rats and they carry you away at the end then that is already there its the Escape the Police ending

you're thinking of Rat Chips and its already a category

United States

Not Escape the Police or Rat Chips, the ending is that you kill a rat, talk to the Rat King, once the horde of rats appear you kill the king and take the crown.

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With the new update old bad ending runs are now Escape the Police because of the rats carrying you away in this update, however New Bad Ending is where you kill the rats and then kill the clerk. Thanks on behalf of the SR.C mod team, literally half. :)

2 years ago
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