Handheld Difference / Suggestions
5 years ago
Illinois, USA

I am 110% aware that Track Attack is on the DS as well, and I used to have it myself. If any of you know any differences between the Wii and the DS versions, tell me here.

Illinois, USA

If anyone wants to suggest rules or runs that simplify or broaden the game, I'm open to take them as well for now.

Montana, USA

Mabey a spliced any% catagory because there are 15 per area 4 areas 15x4 =60 I think on average 4 minutes per level 60x4 = 240 240=60 =4 hours Which is 2hours shorter then I originally thought but still long or you could just allow spliced runs in any %

United States

Thank you for the suggestion, but we will not allow spliced runs. Spliced runs can be manipulated so heavily due to no recordings between races to where we can't trust the time that the runner claimed they got. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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