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Hey all,

I have a little trouble with Livepslit's auto splitter.
My last 2 splits are Shade Cloak and Absolute Radiance. I've tried having Shade Cloak then Pantheon 5 as my last auto split but each time, the timer stops after Pantheon 1.
Anyone knows what I'm doing wrong?



Try checking "Ordered Splits" in the autosplitter settings. What category are you running?


Are you sure you don't want more segments than that? Shade cloak to the end of pantheon 5 takes ~2.5 hours. Also there's no need to set an autosplit for the final segment. The autosplitter will always split when you finish the game.


Well I know my route so well that I don't need any more splits.
"no need to set an autosplit for the final segment" That's what I read and that's why my last auto split was Shade Cloak.
I'm not home right now so I'll have to look if Ordered split was checked or not. All 10 previous auto splits worked perfectly tho.


Splits aren't for remembering the route my dude


Follow up, ordered splits wasn't checked so I'll try that.

@seanprseanpr I pity the fool! But I also suggest ways he may better himself.


Tested it with Ordered splits on, same result unfortunately. The timer stops right after Pantheon 1 is complete.


Someone on the discord server gave me the answer. You have to do a split for every single boss in the 5 pantheons.