*Routes for each category

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No Major Glitches

Main Categories
Any percent --- guide + video guide + powerpoint current patch guide
106 percent TE --- guide
112 percent AB --- guide
True End (Shade Soul) --- route + video guide part 1, part 2
True End (Abyss Shriek) --- route
All Skills --- route + guide
Low percent --- route

Extension Categories
Mr. Mushroom --- route
Elderbug --- route
Zote --- route
Myla --- route
0 geo --- route
All Whispering Roots --- route

All Glitches

Main Categories
Any percent --- guide
100 percent --- route
True End --- route

Note that reading a route is not usually enough to learn a category. Watch runs to learn movement and important techniques.

The NMG ruleset can be found here

The full list of glitches is here

DM me on Discord to add a route to the list.