The elusive "-7" version
7 years ago

So the -7 version is a version of HL:S which was made in 2003 as a test build with all the maps ported directly from HL1 rather than the build date being the number of days since HL1's release, which is what almost all Source games use, this version confusingly lists it's version number as "-7".

You can download it here: And the Tools Made by YaLTeR for the scripted category:

It's a different category because it has it's own really great set of glitches that don't exist in the release versions of HL:S, here are a few:

Duckspamming plays a huge role in the most game breaking glitches in this version.

  • Duckspamming against a sloped ceiling will let you cling to it and slide up it until you CEOoB through the roof

  • Duckspamming into a prop then jumping will give you enormous height compared to normal Vertical Object Boost in the release versions.

  • Duckspamming through a ceiling will pop you out of bounds very easily.

  • Holding escape while duckspamming out of bounds will make you ascend slowly, which means you can go oob with duckspamming and then get back inbounds doing the same thing.

  • This version's objects aren't always upright like the release ones are, you can pick up and throw around some boxes, barrels and even the cart in the test chamber.

  • Jamming yourself between a wall and a prop and looking in the opposite direction from it will give you 2500 ups horizontally if done well.

  • This version's bunnyhopping is more like GoldSrc bunnyhopping so you can easily reach 800+ ups just by strafing and jumping, that sort of thing in release HL;S would be unheard of.

You can find download links for this version of the game and it's scripted category tools in the resources section along with some other builds of Half LiFe Source.

NOTE: The duckspam (pausefloat) scripted command is bound to mouse5, you can change that in hl1/config/autoexec.cfg or by manually binding a key to +pausefloat like: "bind c + pausefloat".

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Does version -7 run on Linux?

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