Rule Change Log
4 years ago

This thread is going to show current rule changes for this leaderboard. If you follow this game on srdc, you are going to be notified about these changes in this thread by the bell-messenger in the right top corner next to your nickname.

We hope this helps to keep you up to date. All major rule changes will be reported here.


Permanent demo storage requirement

Rule change: "Demos of your latest PB have to be available permanently to the moderators, either online via the download link, or on your local harddrive if the download link expires."

Some of the formerly submitted and verified runs are missing demo files and cannot be viewed or checked anymore. Demo files of your PBs (not of your obsolete runs) have to be available at all times, either by saving them permanently online, or by being able to provide them directly to the moderators if the link provided in your verified PBs does not work anymore (for example due to deletion of the uploaded demos by the hosting site).

For permanent storage online, you usually have to have an account on a platform to ensure your uploads will not be deleted after some time. You can use platforms like Google Drive, Dropbox, or Mediafire.

If demos cannot be made available for your PB on the leaderboard at any given time, it can result in a rejection of your run on the leaderboard.


Allowance of all -commands, -bxt-commands and bxt_trigger_setcommand

Rule change: All the -commands (normal HL-base-commands with a "-" at the beginning, and all -bxt-commands) as well as bxt_trigger_setcommand (still banned in individual levels) are now allowed in runs.

We have discussed whether some commands that are currently disallowed should or should not be allowed. We have decided to allow the -commands since they do not affect the run. Usage of bxt_trigger_setcommand is still banned in Individual Level runs, since custom triggers for timing might be installed for IL-timing in the future.