Category idea: make hollow knight in’s new game. Infinite craft
3 months ago
United Kingdom

You can make hollow knight in this game (and silksong and the piano collections) I think it should be a category to make them as quick as possible. The category should be split into mobile and desktop as they have alot of differences in the game.

This is how you make hollow knight:

United States

that's neat but it doesn't belong on a Hollow Knight speedrunning leaderboard

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United Kingdom
She/Her, It/Its
2 months ago

It is not a speedrun of Hollow Knight, but a different game. This would be better suited on a board for that game if it exists, but would likely be too specific for such a board.

We already need to relegate a majority of odd or infrequently-run categories to a separate spreadsheet to avoid clutter (and verifier load); adding other unrelated games would only make it worse.