Useful Glitches
Useful Glitches
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1 Silent Running When holding the Run button, tap the forward button, this will make 47 go at almost the same speed as running, but to enemies he will appear walking (meaning he won't make as much noise or attract suspicion) To master it, you just need to train a bit to get the correct frequency of how often to press the button 2 Syringe Glitch (part 1) Balcony Anywhere When near a balcony, hold the use button (make sure it's selecting the option "jump") then hold the attack button with the syringe, this will make 47 hold the syringe up in the air. Next, you want to release the use button, but still hold the attack button, when you will release it, wherever you are, 47 will make a jump as if he was at the balcony 3 Syringe Glitch (part 2) Ladder Teleport When at the top (or bottom) of a ladder, touch the ladder. Then, hold the syringe in the same way as mention in part 1, then do not release, go anywhere you want in the level, fall damage is also negated completely, when you want to teleport back, stop moving and release the syringe 4 Invincibility When you are dying (screen slowly turning grey and everything in slow motion) press the Menu button, then press the pause key on your keyboard (the actual key with the word "Pause" generally located on top of the Arrows) which will make the game go back to normal speed, you will be invincible and have infinite ammo, however you won't be able to interact with anything, and as soon as you exit the menu, you will die 5 Easy Ladder Skips (this is for the one with a "square" enclosure making it harder to squeeze in and avoid the animation (Exemple: Sewer Holes)) Simply Silent run into it, meaning get to a correct distance of the ladder, hold the run button and press forward once, if you also did not aim for the ladder (but rather the middle), you should be all good 6 Skip "Take Clothes" Animation Very simple to do, as soon as you press the use button to take the clothes and 47 starts to change, use the binoculars and exit them immediately, 47 will have skipped the animation.

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