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Today I've added the category "All Zeroes" in the "Hitman 2: Silent Assassin" level leaderboard. Since "all zeroes" is still a fairly common category to run to this day.

For those who don't know All Zeroes is essentially the same thing as the "Silent Assassin" category but the stat screen at the end showing all zeroes. So no shots fired, no close encounters and etc. (And saving is disallowed)

So now there are currently 3 categories for Level leaderboards.

- Any%
- Silent Assassin
- All Zeroes.

And with the inclusion of All Zeroes in the leaderboards, I will be adding all world record runs plus the runs that were previously world record beforehand.

If you have a problem with me posting your run on the leaderboards, just message me via my twitch channel and I'll gladly remove it for you.

But anyway happy new years to all you guys and take it easy.

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