More than 60FPS for IL runs is not allowed now
1 year ago

In the first place it's because that broks IGT timer (Main timing methood btw). It becomes slower. Everything including Hitman's move speed becomes slower you can tell. Yes but it's not fair because gameplay is easier with slowmotion

All runs with more than 60 FPS will be remooved or retimed by RTA soon

Thank you for your attention

Czech Republic

I´m not sure if I´m getting all that correctly, but if I´m, can you atleast state in the game rules on what configuration you are suposed to run then, cause I was running just with what steam is giving me and didn´t thought that is gonna be an issue.

(Or you could make a ingame time subcategory, which could be fun)

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H2SA was released 20 year ago and it's works not correctly on new moch powerful PCs. Like a lot of old games. In H2SA you need to cap your FPS on 60 and that's it. Use RivaTuner or NVIDIA Control Panel

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update: after some thinking it was decided not to remove high fps runs from leaderboard runs with high fps will be retimed by requests (if someone will not be able to beat current result on LB because of FPS)

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