Can there be a Co Op category
3 years ago
Phoenix, AZ, USA


My friend and I are thinking about running the HeXan Series. Is there any way you could add a CO OP catgegory.


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Czech Republic

oh hell yeah can't wait to see it!

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Phoenix, AZ, USA

Fingers crossed Im an old quake guy, my buddy is an old goldeneye / halo guy.

as kids we used to meet up and battle with hexan on n64 as a mutual battleground.

looking at the physics it looks doom / quake like. should be right at home on PC.

basically we want to do a nostalgic run and hexan popped up as an idea.

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Added in a 2-player co-op category. It's any class + any class, so you get to choose whichever player classes are the fastest. Objective is to finish game on any difficulty level. Video and/or demofile for submission. 'Hammer of Thyrion' source port or the original game are both fine (as in singleplayer categories).

I'm not that knowledgeable how co-op works in this game, haven't tried it myself. I know it works somewhat like in Quake. :) Do tell if the co-op category rules need some clarifying.

Have fun running the game if you're still planning to!

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