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Killer249, how hard is to record a video these days? At the moment you submitted 5 runs, 3 are with no video. Are you for real?

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In my case trying to record Heroes Of Might and Magic is a tough challenge, because my obs is crashing the game. Yesterday i was trying to repair it, when i was recording "Rage of the Tribes". And everything was going ok, but when I try to stop recording the obs crashed yet again. So I put my best time on leaderboard. Do not get me wrong, but I speedrun games only for myself, and I treats this page only to compare my best times. I explained the whole situation and if you want, i can delete my run from leaderboard. (And yes it's harder then you may expected.)


I understand the frustration of leaderboard positions without videos (I'm looking at you Mario Kart), but in cases where they're not beating anyone who has a video, It's not as much of a problem. In those cases it's alright in order to show the game has some activity.

The site had a pretty hot thread on this.

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