The PC Any% category has been split into TWO! [Full Game]
The PC Any% category has been split into TWO! [Full Game]
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To put simply, we now have normal Any% and Any% (No Lag Abuse). These two categories can be seen here: and here:

Why did it split?

For anyone interested in knowing the cause behind this, we had a poll in the discord server deciding whether to keep the Any% category as one or two because of a discussion months prior talking about the same thing. Ever since allowing the use of lower FPS (like 23) and lag via clicking the white border at the top of the Hello Neighbor window, there have been enough runs to rightfully declare the split. Now runners can stick to the old route with the No Lag Abuse category without needing to learn anything extra (good luck on fear school though!).

The difference?

You can look at the rules in both categories to understand that one allows the use of lower FPS and lag while the other does not.

If you have any future questions about the game (speedrunning or in general), please join the discord server:

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Having two different Any% categories was probably enough, but we've decided to make the latest patch available to run! Also, the way you submit runs that do or don't abuse lag/FPS strats should be more obvious now!

A few things to note though is that:

  1. 100% is a category that can ONLY be done on
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