Hello Neighbor Question Thread.
3 years ago

ANY questions you have about Hello Neighbor speedrunning can go here. Remember, no question here is dumb and will be happily answered by one of our moderators! :D

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Any% No Skips : Grabbing the trash can before the skippable window scene would be considered as a skip?


No, it is not considered a skip


How to get old 1.1/1.2/1.3 patches. Depots were deleted from Steam servers and i don't know, how to get best version for speedruning Act 1 with "this TV clipping bug".


Sorry for the late answer, but our downgrade guide in our discord server broke so it no longer works, the only other way of getting that I know of is getting a download link for it.

Texas, USA

I am one of the lucky people that have this download link. Feel free to ask me, Snorlax0912, or TheRealHero for it. :D

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can any of the verifiers for the alpha1 category check up on any% 9th place run by textpicks? by the categories rules, you have to start the timer during the starting cutscene, but he/she didnt even have the cutscene in his/hers run and started the timer afterwards.

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Rejected, idk why snorlax verified it lol.

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What the frik

Seems like fabee gonna still hold WR

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this thread isn't just to blabber about stuff lmao use it correctly

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Use it how?

Make no sense.

Ontario, Canada

how do you do the act3 post card skip???

Texas, USA

press restart if you're on console [1.2] or pc latest patch [steam version] just grabbing it immediately like most pc runs require patches before 1.2

Ontario, Canada

and how do you get 1.2 on console?

Texas, USA

i said that console was 1.2 lol

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Ontario, Canada

I've been thinking, at the start of act2, if you somehow kill yourself in the basement, would you respawn back in the basement, or would you respawn in the yard?

Texas, USA

you just respawn back in the room in basement

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