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It didn't add a new chamber, so I think the current category stands; however it added and IN GAME TIMER so I'm going to add a column for in game time. This wont affect old runs, but new ones will need IGT. Will need to see if it's an accurate timer or not, but for now seems pretty neat. Turn it on from the options similar to other games like enter the gungeon. It pauses time on boon screens too, so that's interesting, fast menuing not required I guess.

Join the discord to help figure more junk out and so I can make more mods and stuff. The strategy will probably change slightly, but I can see it being pretty much the same grind for getting crits + damage, but I dont know for sure, share ideas/ any glitches there so we can break the game. Link is in the side menu.

There's the basis for a new category on that punishment menu for a Max Punishment%, but that will take some grinding to get to. Once somebody does a run of that with a recording and lets me know (or potentially any future mods know) it will be added.

Anywho good luck getting out of hell.

forgot to edit this sooner, but yeah, new category because the in game timer is pretty good to the point where it's silly to ask for RTA on top of the IGT. Also the balance changes are enough that different strats are being used and it ends up different enough where trying to compare this patch to the old one on the same board would be confusing. If the next patch in february doesnt add Elysium, it's unlikely this will get moved to misc so soon, but I'm holding out hope it comes out then mostly so someone can submit this game to sgdq and zag can escape hell, but also idk about anyone else, but I'm getting tired of bone hydra and I want to go beyond.