Recently began running, trying to get sub 10, Any tips?
2 months ago

Everything is in the title, here's a vod if you want to take the time to review

my setup is :

Beowulf => Try to get weapon charge shot upgrade => Poseidon with boon for splash throw => switch to hermes boon for speed world 2

Summon : Thanatos for the fat damage but I struggle to use it so maybe switching to Meg is better?

New York, USA

With Beowulf you want Mirage Shot as soon as possible, so try swapping to Artemis in Asphodel instead of Hermes. We use Meg because it comes out faster than Thanatos and we have setups to guarantee hitting it on important bosses and minibosses.

If you haven't already looked at some of our guide content, PerfectEngrish's Guide Compendium is a great place to start! There's some overall Hades guides as well as some in-depth weapon/aspect/mechanics guides linked within. If you find yourself with more questions after reading through the guides you can ask them here or join the Hades Speedrunning Discord for a faster response.

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